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New Hampshire Resources – This is a partial list of titles in our local history collection. Titles either have a direct connection to Lee and it’s history or to the history of New Hampshire.

Newmarket Advertiser 1891-1932 This searchable database covers news of Lee. Digitization of these newspapers sponsored by the Lee Heritage Commission.

Here are the Lee News columns from the Newmarket Advertiser. The text has been transcribed for searching. To search in these documents, the search must be in each file. Use Cntl-F for “find” and enter your search terms.

1891 Lee News

1892 Lee News 

1893 Lee News  

1894 Lee News  

1895 Lee News

1896 Lee News  

1897 Lee news 

1898 Lee News 

1899 Lee News

1900 Lee News 

1901 Lee News Jan-June   1901 Lee News Jul-Dec

1902 Lee News Jan-May   1902 Lee News June-Dec

1903 Lee News Jan-June    1903 Lee New July-Dec

1904 Jan-April    1904 May-Aug    1904 Sept-Dec  

1905 Jan-Feb  1905 Mar-Apr 1905 May-June 

1905 July-Aug  1905 Sept-Oct  1905 Nov-Dec

1906 Jan-Feb  1906 March-Apr  1906 May-Jun  

1906 July-Aug  1906 Sept-Oct  1906 Nov-Dec

1907 Jan-Mar     1907 Mar-May    1907 June-July

1907 Aug-Sept    1907 Nov-Dec  

1908 Jan-Feb   1908 Mar-May  1908 June-Aug 

1908 Aug-Oct  1908 Oct-Dec

1909 Jan-Apr 1909 May-Aug  1909 Sept-Oct 1909 Nov-Dec

1910 Jan-Feb 1910 Mar-Apr  1910 May-June

1910 July-Aug  1910 Sept-Dec

There are NO 1911 or 1912 Lee Newspapers in our collection.

1913 Jan-Mar  1913 April-June 

1913 July-Sept  1913 Oct-Dec

Moses Cartland School 50 year Reunion August 8, 1913

1914 Jan-Apr 1914 May-July 1914 Aug-Oct 1914 Nov-Dec

1915 Jan-Apr 1915 May-June 1915 July-Sept 1915 Sept-Dec

Ordination Rev. Brotherston Sept, 1915

1916 Jan-Apr 1916 May-Aug  1916 Aug-Nov 1916 Dec

1917 Jan-Apr 1917 May-Aug 1917 Sept-Dec

1918 Jan-Apr 1918 May-Aug 1918 Aug-Dec

1919 Jan-May 1919 June-Aug 1919 Sep-Dec

1920 Jan-Apr 1920 Apr-Aug  1920 Sept-Dec

1921 Jan-Apr 1921 May-Aug 1921 Sept-Dec

1922 Jan-June 1922 July-Dec

1923 Jan-June 1923 July-Dec

1924 Lee News Jan-Dec

1925 Jan-July   1925 Aug-Dec

1926 Jan-December 

1927 Jan-May  1927 June-Oct_  1927 Nov-Dec

1928 Jan-May 1928 June-Sept  1928 Oct-Dec

1929 Jan-Apr  1929 May-July  1929 Aug-Dec

1930 Jan-June 1930 July-Sept1930 Oct-Nov which is the end

1931 Jan-Nov This is the end of the digitized newspapers that Lee owns.

Lee Town Reports – Here you will find the links to the online listings of Lee’s Town Reports. Search each group for cover art or In Memoriam listings.

OverdriveNew Hampshire Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks

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Novelist– This database covers all kids of information about books and authors. Author Read-a-likes, Book Read-a-likes, Series Read-a-likes, to name just a few.

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EBSCO– This database has a little bit of everything. It offers both academic journals and pleasure reading magazines. Want to find articles on washing machines? Check this database. Want to read about the fall of the Iron Curtain? Check here! Many of these articles are full text and printable.

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nhupac_gnu  NHU-Pac – This is the New Hampshire Library Catalog. Check here to find books and other materials not owned by Lee. You may use the Materials Request Form to have us borrow from the libraries listed here.

Heritage Quest – This is a database for accessing United States Census Records from 1790 through 1940. Click here for remote access.

ancestry  Ancestry – This is an extremely useful genealogy database. It is a smaller shorter version than the personal subscription that offers, but still a fantastic resource!

You must use this database in the library–there is no remote access.

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