New Hampshire Collection



Compiled By Michelle Stevens

Books and Other Resources Specific to the Town of Lee Found in the NH Section

NH 974.2 ALL The Annals of a Country Church: Lee, New Hampshire by David Allen
Provides a history of the Lee Church Congregational from 1861-1984.

NH 333.75 EAT A Biological Inventory of the Town Forest Complex Lee, NH by Alan Eaton
Contains information and photographs about the plants, trees, birds, and mammals found in the town forest located behind the library.

NH 929 EIS Clement Site Cemetery: A History of the Reinterrment of those Remains by Donna Eisenhard
Information and photographs of human remains from the Clement Cemetery (located at Pine Knoll Village) rediscovered at the Franklin Pierce College archaeology lab in 2001. These remains were excavated in the late 1960s as part of a joint project between the Lee Historical Society and the college.

NH 974.25 SCA Colonial Era History of Dover, NH by John Scales The index lists the names of people who lived in Lee, Dover, Newmarket and Madbury. This book also contains historical, genealogical and industrial data of early settlers.

NH 974.2 SCO Colorful Lee, New Hampshire by Rosemary Scott Coloring book featuring little tidbits of Lee history such as the Underground Railroad, taverns, the library and the school. A simple but useful resource!

NH 929.374 YOU Death Notices from Freewill Baptist Publications, 1811-1851 by David Young Abstracts of death notices from the “Morning Star”, a religious newspaper.

NH 929 VIT Dover, New Hampshire Vital Records: 1686-1850 by Dover Historical Society Contains marriage, birth, death and baptismal records for Dover, NH up to 1850. Includes an index of names.

NH 974.2 WIL Durham, New Hampshire: History in an Oyster Shell 1600-1976   by Durham Historical Association This little book has tidbits of Lee history, including the events leading up to the Battle at Wheelwright Pond in 1690 (see page 4).

NH 914 KNO Historic Burial Grounds of the New Hampshire Seacoast by Glenn A. Knoblock Provides an overview of some of the historic gravesites found in the Seacoast area, as well as background information on particular grave markers.

NH 974.25 HIS Historical Memoranda of Ancient Dover, NH collected by Rev. Dr Alonza Hall Quint Contains old Dover town records and information about events between 1850 and 1888. Includes index of individual names.

NH 974.25 HIS Historical Memoranda Concerning Persons And Places In Old Dover NH Volume II Transcribed And Edited by William Edgar Wentworth Includes family genealogies, town records and facts about old buildings, mill privileges, famous old hotels and other public buildings.

NH 974 WRI  History of Captain Reuben Hill Homestead Lee, NH by Dwayne Wrightsman History of this historic home located on Lee Hook Road, written by the current owner.

NH 974.2 HUR v2  History of Rockingham and Strafford Counties (Part II) compiled under the supervision of D. Hamilton Hurd Pages 639-641 contains information about the town, as well as a list of Lee soldiers who were in the “War of the Rebellion” (Civil War).

NH 917.42 STA History of the Town of Durham, NH: 1913 by Everett S. Stackpole The index lists names of people who resided in Lee or Durham until 1913. Includes early history of the town of Durham /Oyster River Plantation.

NH 974.2 THO Landmarks In Ancient Dover, New Hampshire By Mary P. Thompson Provides genealogical and historical information about ancient and present day Dover and surrounding towns.

NH 974.2 SCA Lee, New Hampshire by John Scales This is a pamphlet that includes the history of Lee to the late 1800’s. The same information can also be found in History Of Strafford County by John Scales pg.331-352 ( NH 974.2 SCA)

NH 720.9 LEE Lee, NH Cultural Resource Survey Inventory and Plan: June 1980-June 1982 compiled by Strafford – Rockingham Regional Council This binder contains information regarding old houses in Lee. It also includes recordings of town sites, maps and information about some of the families who owned the houses. Details include house location, house sizes, photos and plots. Houses are listed by owner’s names. This is a good resource when looking for detailed information about a certain house. Mostly covers homes built before 1930.

NH 974.2 LEE Lee in Four Centuries editor Ursula Baier This book gives the history of some of the houses, taverns and other landmarks in Lee. Published in 1966 to commemorate the Bicentennial of the incorporation of the town.

NH 929 HOL New Hampshire 1732 Census by Jay Mack Holbrook Over 3,000 heads of households are found in the 1732 census. Entries arranged by person, town, and by number of males over age 16 per household.

NH 929.3 NEW  New Hampshire Families In 1790 Volume I Edited by Diane Florence Gravel and David Watson Kruger Contains brief sketches of early New Hampshire families in the 1700’s

NH 929.374 OES  New Hampshire Marriage Licenses and Intentions 1709-1961 by Pauline Johnson Oesterlin Contains marriage intentions published from 1709-1961 as found in the state archives. Includes an index of names. Not comprehensive.

NH 912.74 OLD The Old Maps of Strafford County NH in 1892 compiled by C.H. Hurd & Co Contains historical maps of towns in Strafford County. Page 11 includes an old map of Lee.

NH 974.1 GEO Old Newmarket by Nellie Palmer George Page 34 contains brief information on Lee’s ship building history.

NH 929.1 PIS  Piscatqua Pioneers: Selected Biographies of Early Settlers in Northern New England compiled by Piscatqua Pioneers Contains information collected mainly by the descendents of noted ancestors. Not to be considered a documented genealogy, but a “lineage book”.

NH 385 STE  The Railroad that Passed through Lee, NH 1874-1934 by Randy Stevens Provides the history of the Lee Railroad in timetables. It also contains pictures and building information.

NH 974.2 TOW  Town of Lee Master Plan: 2006 to year 2015 Lee Planning Board Provides a blueprint for future town growth and development.

NH 929 WEN  Vital Records from Dover, New Hampshire’s First Newspaper 1790-1829 by William Edgar Wentworth Contains newspaper records of deaths and marriages. Some citizens of note include Joseph Emerson (pg. 284) who was the oldest Lee resident when he died at age 90 in February, 1826. Includes index of names.

NH 929 ROB  Vital Records of Durham, New Hampshire: 1887-2002 by Richard L. Roberts Birth, marriage and death records as found in the Town of Durham’s annual reports. Vital statistics were not published for the years 1963-1967.

NH 920 WHI  Whittier and the Cartlands edited By Martha Hale Shackford Information on the Whittier and Cartland families. Contains information about the Underground Railroad stop on Cartland Road.

Miscellaneous Notebooks/Binders in the NH Section (Most located on bottom shelf)

Direct Ancestors of B.P. Thompson (green folder) Descendents of Bert and Mary Thompson.

 Family Recollections from our NH Farm by Shirley Tyler Legallee Contains Cartland Family information on page 131. Lee in Four Centuries is on page 144.

 History of John Watson  by Charles G. Hobbs Family history of the Revolutionary War veteran from Newmarket and his descendents. Located on bottom shelf, in a black holder.

NH 929 SKI Layn Genealogy   by Alfred Skinner MD Family history on the descendants of Edmund Layn of Dover and Captain John Hussey Layn of Lee, NH from 1600-1900. Located in a yellow envelope, bottom shelf, in a black holder.

Lee School Registers 1909-1954 Includes names of students, teachers and school board members.

Moving Railroad Building from JF Brow in Epping up 125 and Bennett Rd to Lee Center Contains pictures of the Historical Society building being moved to Lee Town Center along with newspaper articles.

NH 917.4 OLD Old Graveyards and Cemeteries in the Town of Lee (faded blue binder) Contains a map of Lee with graveyard locations, an index of names and locations of burial sites. Please note: The Old Parish Cemetery noted on pages 24-49 is most commonly known as the Garrity Road Cemetery.

 Research on General Sullivan (the ship) and Captain Robert Parker compiled by Paul Labrie Research materials compiled by a former resident about the privateer “General Sullivan” which was built in Lee during the Revolutionary War. Includes notes about Captain Robert Parker.

Other Local History/Genealogy Resources

Ancestry Library Database (in-library use only). Website: Please ask a librarian for password.  Offers a wide range of online historical and genealogical resources.

Lee Town Crier 1971-1973 Found in Display Cabinet in Reference Room

Lee Town Records on Microfilm Years 1766-1815, 1825-1851, 1872-1918 Please note that these records are not comprehensive; some years are missing.

Library Website

Internet Links to NH Genealogy websites.

Other Useful New Hampshire History Resources

NH 917.24 CRO Cross-Grained and Willy Waters W. Jeffrey Bolster Editor Information on the Piscataqua Maritime Region including the Oyster River and Adam’s Point in Durham.

NH 917.42 CRO Footprints in Time compiled by Howard S. Crosby, A walking guide to Odiorne Point State Park; includes information about the World War II military fortifications.

NH 621.9 GAR Instruments of Change by James L. & Donna Bell Garvin Contains illustrations and information about New Hampshire hand tools and their makers from 1800-1900. A wonderful resource for school projects.

NH 917.42 JON New Hampshire Curiosities by Eric Jones This book gives information on the characters, oddities and off-beat objects found in New Hampshire.

Vertical File Resources (located in file cabinet behind circulation desk)

Some back copies of the Bookworm Digest

Information on the Lamprey River

History of the Lee Grange 1891-1936

Local Home Schooling information

Town maps of Lee with street index

Historic Town of Lee maps

Copy of the Lee Master Plan September 1986, 1988, 1996-2005,

Oyster River Reserve trail maps

Nature trails map of Lee

Inventory of Lee Town Forest (flora and fauna)

Inventory of Lee Forest Complex

School Funding Study Commission (2003)

Oyster River Curriculum (2000-2001)

Lee Planning and Subdivision (2001)

Lee Recycling Center information

A Short History of Lee – brief paper written on the history of Lee

Town Reports

Other Town of Lee Resources, not found in the library

The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Exeter  Family History Center provides access to Family History Library

55 Hampton Falls Road Exeter NH

Phone 778-2509

Hours of operation: Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m.-2 pm, 6:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Saturdays 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Lee Church Congregational

For Lee Congregational Church records contact church secretary at church

office: 659-2861

Lee Historical Society

Contact Information: Rosemary Scott 659-5718 (June thru November)

Phyllis White 659-2883 ( December thru May)

Lee Town Offices

Town records (1879-present)

Vital records (1850-present)

NH Division of Vital Records Birth, death, marriage and divorce information available. Also has a genealogical research vault available to the public which contains records dating back to 1640.

71 South Fruit Street

Concord, NH 03301


NH State Library Over 2400 published family histories in its collection; also available are early town records, federal census records (1790-1930), etc.

20 Park St.

Concord, NH 03301