Library Reopening Plan

The Lee Public Library plans to open to the public on Monday, June 22, 2020 with the following schedule:

Monday 12-7pm
Tuesday 12-7pm
Wednesday 12-7pm
Thursday 10-5pm
Friday 10-5pm
Saturday 10-3pm

In order to limit the number of people coming into the library (we are limited to 8 at a time plus staff), we highly recommend that our patrons continue to use curbside pickup whenever possible. If you wish to call before coming to the library for an in-person visit we can advise you of the best time.

We will not be able to take any returns in the library. Please leave all your returns in the outside book drop. All returned items will be quarantined for 72 hours before they are checked in.

We recommend that you wear a mask when in the library. There will be disposable masks available at the door as well as sanitizing liquid. The library staff will be wearing masks for safety.

We recommend that you spend no longer than 15-20 minutes in the library.

Computer use is limited to two public computers and you will be allowed 30 minutes per person, per day. The fax and copy machine are available.

The bathroom will be closed to the public except for emergencies.

We have marked the pathways in the library to maximize ease of traffic flow and to help moderate social distancing and safety during browsing and borrowing materials.

We highly recommend families limit their visit to 2-3 people at a time if possible. Given the space constraints within the library, six feet of separation between patrons, especially in the children’s area, may be challenging!

We have removed all toys and puzzles from the children’s area for the time being, since these are items that are difficult to sanitize. We will introduce them back into the library when it is safe to do so.

Please understand and have patience if we need some extra time between patrons to keep our facility safe and sanitized for you and our staff.

Finally, if you or someone you know has difficulty accessing the library or library materials, let us know! We can help!