Tales of New England Life: Stories of Alice Brown

Wednesday, May 22

7 p.m. Lee Safety Complex

“Pontine Theatre premieres an original stage adaptation of the short stories of Alice Brown. Brown was born in 1857 on a farm in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, a community that later acted as a template for the villages depicted in her stories. She attended Robinson Female Seminary in Exeter, where she displayed a talent for writing at a young age. It was during her early years in Boston that Brown published her first novel Stratford by the Sea (1884), set in a small coastal community; it was this novel, with her rich descriptions and candid characters, that established Brown as a regional color writer. Brown was best known for her popular New England tales, mostly published from 1895 to 1910. Collected into volumes, her stories of idyllic New England life portray the traditional simplicity and bounteous goodness of country life: Tiverton Tales (1899), The Country Road (1906), Meadow Grass (1886), and Country Neighbors (1910)”. – www.pontine.org

Cosponsored by the Lee Public Library and the Lee Historical Society.