Camino de Santiago

Wednesday, October 18

7 p.m.             

Lee Safety Complex

If you enjoy walking and time for reflection, the Camino de Santiago could be your next adventure. People of all ages from around the world come together to walk west. The path is well marked and you will find your own rhythm.

In June & July of 2016, Diane Murphy and her husband walked from St. Jean Pied de Port in the Pyrenees across the Iberian Peninsula (500 miles) in 33 days, arriving in Santiago de Compostela. They continued after a 2-day rest to the end of the world – Finisterra, on the coast of north western Spain (50 more miles). The ancient road is part of a network of many pilgrim routes in Europe. There are accommodations in each village along the way where pilgrims can find a shower, a bed, and food. The Murphys are excited to share stories about their pilgrimage. They feel blessed to have had the time and resources to make this journey and amazed by all the gifts it gave them, especially the people they met along the way.